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Strategic approaches & therapeutic measures

Cooperation partners / memberships

Through the exchange and dialogue in networks and initiatives as well as cooperation in cooperation and partnerships, we can draw on the experience of others and the knowledge of experts. In this way, we optimize both our strategic approaches and specific therapeutic measures.

Mika - Die Unternehmer-Berater
Mika - The entrepreneur consultant

Make corporate management approachable. As an entrepreneur working around the clock and doing everything yourself? We offer you an analysis of the actual state of your company and uncover resources and weak points. We strive to show you the joy of your company again and again and to complete your ideas together. We plan the next steps with you, tailored to your situation. This gives you the tools you need to present your products and services ready for the market.

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SalusCon – Spezialisten für das Gesundheits­wesen
SalusCon – Healthcare specialists

We offer you expert knowledge and support the transfer of knowledge into the practice of patient care and help to improve the process and structural quality, especially in rehabilitation and care facilities.

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MALI gGmbH - Social participation for everyone

The MALI non-profit GmbH is based in Berlin Pankow and offers education, advice and meeting places around the areas of family, business and soul. Our goal is to enable people to participate in society while taking their numerous aspects of diversity into account. Our offers are aimed at families and all people who are looking for, developing, exchanging ideas or wanting to experience community with others.

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Tychsen Kommunikation
Tychsen Kommunikation - Responsibility needs communication

Coaching and communication for women in leadership. With yourself and in leading positions. I bring women into their feminine energies by leadership. YOU are the focus! I am fully there for you!

Come in and dance the tango on your management floor!

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Theraphysia - Apps to support speech therapy work

Founded in the summer of 2015, our goal is to become one of the most modern providers of therapeutic products in Berlin. With a team of experienced, committed and innovative speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, we work with the firm conviction that modern drug therapy is an interdisciplinary therapy.

Against this background, we are currently implementing different multimodal therapy concepts at five locations and combining them with the possibilities of digital media. Examples of this are our self-developed and free therapeutic apps.

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Marcus Dahlke
Marcus Dahlke - Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Get to know yourself, become aware of your role. Only then can you fill them out perfectly. Direct and to the point. Honest, clear and ruthless - but always with a smile on your face. And one overriding goal: your sustainable development.

Let's get the best out of it together!

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Lichthelden Fotostudio
Lichthelden - Kauffmann photo studio in Berlin

For us there is a transported character in every finished picture. In photo shoots with families, if possible, even several combined in one portrait. We design this multifaceted work together. Since November 2015 the converted branch of the family business FotoStudio-Kauffmann has been in the Florastraße in Pankow - in the middle of the blooming Florakiez.

In our cozy rooms you have the opportunity to be photographed in a relaxed and trusting atmosphere, individually, creatively and with your finger on the pulse. We say hello at Fotostudio Berlin and look forward to your and your interest and any kind of curiosity.

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More about Logolo®

Practice rooms

Relatives are also very welcome in our practices. The premises have a bright, friendly waiting room that offers both adults and children enough space and opportunities to relax.

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Jobs & Career

Logolo® wants to make therapists happy, that's why we founded ourselves and work continuously to offer the best possible workplace.

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Frequently asked Questions

Who issues the speech therapy prescription? Who will pay for the therapy? Are there home visits / treatment in our facilities? And other frequently asked questions.

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