Developmental language disorder

For several years there have been international initiatives to draw attention to the disorder of language development (DLD). The motto of the campaign this year is: #DLD-Look! #DLDseeMe

The Berlin practice Logolo would like to participate this year and is providing information online.

But what is an DLD anyway and why is it so important to find out more about it. A disorder of language development (DLD) is a processing disorder that makes speaking and / or understanding language difficult in children, adolescents, or adults. This disorder is often associated with reading and writing disorders and other learning disorders.

It is important for those affected to receive the right support, from professionals such as teachers or speech therapists. A recent study has shown that 7.5% of all children have DLD that is not due to a biomedical disease (Norbury et al. 2016). That's around 2 children per school class. Since an untreated DLD can have consequences well into adolescence and adulthood (behavioral problems, depression), it is important to recognize and treat this disorder. Also, a better understanding of how adults and peers deal with DLD can help prevent negative consequences.

In order to explain this disorder, we celebrate DLD day. Please speak to our colleagues from Logolo in practice if you have any questions about DLD. And spread the word!

Many Thanks!
Your practice team Logolo