Voice therapies for adults

We live in a talkative society. Everyone depends on their voice every day, both privately and, above all, professionally: teachers, employees on the phone, therapists, singers and many more.

Incorrect strain or overuse of the voice can lead to hoarseness and other changes in the sound of the voice. Without adequate protection or therapy, vocal cord nodules can form. In voice therapy or voice training, you get to know your voice and also factors that can influence it positively or negatively better and train your perception. In addition, physiological posture patterns and stimulating breathing techniques are developed.

You will receive the tools to use your voice well in the form of tonus-regulating exercises, breathing techniques, voice warm-ups, phonation and articulation exercises - individually adapted to your needs / complaints. Our individual training program helps you, for example, as a teacher, to cope well with a noisy class without much effort. And you can also master your everyday work vocal without any problems in other speaking professions.

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