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Teletherapy - at the time of Corona

Do you need speech therapy support for yourself, your child or other relatives? In the current situation, would you like to reduce your personal contacts as much as possible?

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Stuttering - The struggle for words

What exactly is stuttering? Time and again people come to our practice who are inhibited in their speech due to stuttering. Many have the problem that they repeat words.

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Developmental language disorder

For several years there have been international initiatives to draw attention to the developmental language disorder (DLD). The motto of the campaign this year is: #DLD-Look!

Logolo® would like to participate this year and provide information about it online.

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Voice therapies for adults

We live in a talkative society and are privately and professionally dependent on our voice every day: teachers, employees in the telephone service, therapists, singers and many more.

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Speech therapy - Frequently asked questions and answers

There are enormous differences in language learning even in childhood. Some learn the language very quickly, others take more time. Among other things, the problems arise in understanding grammar, but also in learning vocabulary.

The so-called dyslexia is particularly well known. A reading and spelling weakness that makes it difficult for those affected to translate the spoken language into written language and vice versa.

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Looking for a job?

We are looking for speech therapists out of conviction! For Logolo® Pankow, Lichtenberg and Bernau we are looking for full-time or part-time speech therapists and patholinguists.

  • permanent position
  • 600 € personal training budget per year (at 40 hours)
  • a paid team meeting once a week (also via video chat)
  • Internal training courses organized monthly by our therapists
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More about Logolo®


Speech therapy is a remedy to be prescribed by a doctor. The prescription for voice, speech, language or swallowing disorders can be made by statutory health insurance physicians - specialists such as neurologists, ENT doctors, phoniatrists, paediatricians, and many more respectively.

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Advanced training

At Logolo you belong to a new network for education, training and further education in the field of speech therapy. In addition to advanced and advanced training, we also offer advanced training and education for physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

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Our Team

Experienced speech therapists are available for you in our speech therapy practices. Speech therapists, patholinguists, special education teachers. A high level of professionalism is a matter of course for us.

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