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Speech therapy is a remedy to be prescribed by a doctor. The prescription for voice, speech, language or swallowing disorders can be made by statutory health insurance physicians - specialists such as neurologists, ENT doctors, phoniatrists, paediatricians, internists, and many more. or general practitioners. After the initial diagnosis, he can issue a speech therapy prescription if the symptoms are present. The speech therapy treatment can then begin in the practice or, if necessary, as a home visit.

After the initial interview, in which you have the opportunity to describe the reasons why you came to us, the language assessment, the speech therapy diagnosis takes place. This means that standardized, speech therapy examinations are carried out in order to obtain a precise overview of the current status, e.g. in relation to the voice, language, speaking or swallowing function of the person introducing himself and to form the basis for targeted and efficient treatment.

Depending on the logopedic disorder and the doctor's judgment, 1-2 treatment units per week usually take place in the speech therapy practice or in the form of a home visit. The duration of a therapy unit can be from 30 min. over 45 min. up to 60 min. be prescribed on the prescription.

The basis for the prescription of remedies, possible therapy frequencies, therapy duration and prescribed amounts is specifically provided by the catalog of remedies individually for the respective disorders. The doctor can then prescribe remedies according to the disorder and depending on requirements within this set guideline.

A medical check-up is required upon completion of a treatment sequence of the speech therapy prescription. For this purpose, the doctor receives a detailed report from the treating speech therapist. This shows the results of the speech therapy diagnosis and the course of treatment, as well as other possible approaches.

We are happy to help you by phone or email at any time and look forward to a personal registration on site in one of the speech therapy practices in Lichtenberg, Pankow or Bernau near Berlin.

Treatments & therapies

Children & Teenagers

As with adults, language impairments in children can either be congenital or acquired, so that the organization and processing of linguistic information can be disturbed.

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Speech therapy is based on a doctor's prescription and the areas of prevention, early detection, early support and rehabilitation are fundamentally important during the course of therapy.

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In Transition

Our voice plays a big part in how we are perceived. We want it to support and highlight our personality, the feeling that people like to listen to us and that we can enjoy the sound of our own voice.

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Analysis & consultation

In our speech therapy practice you can get advice and treatment, as patients of all age groups and as relatives. We advise you on language development, language training, possible risk factors for language development, diagnostic and therapeutic options.

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More about Logolo®

Advanced training

At Logolo you can look forward to a strong network for basic, advanced and advanced training in the field of speech therapy. In addition to advanced and advanced training, we also offer advanced training and education for physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

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Our team

Experienced speech therapists are available for you in our speech therapy practices. Speech therapists, patholinguists, special education teachers. A high level of professionalism is a matter of course for us.

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Our locations

For many years we have been offering individual and group therapy for children, adolescents and adults in our friendly therapy rooms. Our team of state-approved speech therapists also ensures the quality of the therapies through regular training.

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