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As humans, we have the ability to acquire language and use it to communicate. We talk to each other using our voice. The prerequisite for this is that we are able to hear, the voice is developed normally and we are able to articulate. If the language ability cannot develop fully or if it is lost, the person is at risk of being excluded: from friends, from society, from work.

Children whose language development is impaired have problems. This can also occur in adults after a stroke or if the voice is not up to the professional demands.

The impairment of communication skills in children and adults can relate to “speech”, “speaking”, “voice” and “swallowing”. If a doctor has diagnosed you or your relatives with a speech, speech, voice or swallowing disorder, we are able to help you with diagnosis, advice and treatment.

After the diagnosis, an appropriate therapy program is developed for the individual patient. Of course, part of our holistic approach is that parents and relatives are included in the formulation of the therapy goals and are advised so that they can understand our work well and support them in everyday life.

Thorough advice


Prevention consultations for children and adults expand the offer. We support our patients in working with the attending physician to identify and diagnose the possible causes more quickly. Extensive advice from relatives is a matter of course in order to achieve better therapeutic success. We will inform you about the possible chances of success and the approximate time frame.

Comprehensive service

In urgent cases, we are able to respond quickly to your concerns even at the weekend.

We are just as flexible when it comes to scheduling appointments, as is personal availability: Several locations and the large number of our specialists are a prerequisite for us to take your wishes into account. In this way, we usually succeed in ensuring that the therapy continues smoothly even if the therapist is sick, during vacation or vacation times or if the patient's working hours or schedule changes.

We will come to your home if you cannot come to us for medical reasons. You will receive help with organizing and receiving prescriptions. Should this be necessary, we will take care of prescription changes (incorrect prescriptions are invalid) and you will save a lot of time and an additional visit to your doctor!

We will come to your home if you cannot come to us for medical reasons. You can get help organizing and receiving prescriptions. If this is necessary, we will take care of prescription changes (incorrect prescriptions are invalid) and you will save a lot of time and an additional visit to your doctor! In addition to the extensive range of therapy, according to the health insurance guidelines, we offer you individual offers for speech therapy support: from lectures or training, for example for care facilities, to support for professional speakers and singers.

In addition, hearing therapy, which is used for auditory and learning difficulties, or special singing lessons with our "voice professionals", which particularly help keep the voice healthy, often help. As a special service, we can also offer help in the area of ​​coaching or hypnosis. This makes sense because it is not uncommon for linguistic abnormalities to be linked to emotional memories, the exposure of which can also be liberation. We also offer a free, non-binding consultation on these questions.

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